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August 30, 2019

Silky Intense Oil Serum


An oil-based serum with so much treatments inside, and a very lightweight texture.
Created especially for all skin types, this serum is actually an oil serum but it is not oily! Why? Because it is really super-duper easy to penetrate into your skin, leaving your skin a silky smooth after feel. Besides, we use a secret oil, so that it can give a very smooth gliding and lightweight second-skin feel.

Wait, this is just the intro-base of the serum. So, what do they have inside? Vitamin C and Vitamin E boost your skin’s Collagen production for a firmer and plumping skin besides young-looking skin due to the anti-oxidant properties. They also brighten, nourish and diminish your scars. Argan Oil ensure a glowing and healthier skin as it moisturizes your skin deeply.

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